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What Is Cellulite?

Cellulite, very common in women is a harmless, yet pesky, skin condition that causing a lumpy and dimpling divot on the surface of the skin, mostly in the thigh and buttock area

Causes of Cellulite

There is no scientific known fact on why cellulite is caused, however cellulite forms when fibrous bands connecting your skin to the underlying muscle tighten irregularly. This tightening pulls down on your skin, and the normal layer of fat beneath the skin pushes upward.

Why Is My Cellulite More Noticeable?

Cellulite is categorized from grades 0-3, deciphering between the symptom present:

Grade 0: There isn’t any cellulite on your body.

Grade 1: Your skin is smooth when you stand up, with mild dimpling sitting down.

Grade 2: Skin has moderate dimples when you stand up or when you sit down.

Grade 3: Your skin has severe dimples when you stand up or sit down.

How Can I Treat Cellulite?

With so many creams and treatments on the market promising overnight results, there are a few things you need to know before making your decision:

1. No cream is penetratable to the needed depths to target results. You will need an assisted treatment such as radio frequency, injectable, or deep lympthatic massage in conjunction with creams to treat cellulite.

2. Decide on your downtime; as surgical solutions can be performed, will you have the downtime needed for this procedure? There are also no downtime options -

3. Like any other skincare concern, cellulite requires a series

of treatments to deliver results. No two bodies are the same, and results may vary and may not be permanent.

Upkeep treatments may be required.

Cellulite Solutions!

  • Surgical fat removal

  • Deep massaging to puff up the skin

  • Acoustic wave therapy to break up cellulite with sound waves

  • Subcision, in which a needle inserted under the skin breaks up tough bands causing cellulite.

  • Radiofrequency, ultrasound, infrared light or radial pulses to heat skin

Our Elite Solution

Known as West Hollywood's premier body sculpting facility our staff is trained, knowledgeable, and equipped to treating all body types and concerns. Our professionals will customize a treatment plan for your specific needs and explain realistic expectations while delivering results.

Recommended in a series of 4 for max results EmTone targets cellulite and smoothens appearance to problem areas. Simultaneously delivering thermal and mechanical energy to treat contributing factors including loosening fibrous bands.


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